We are in the course of re-building the history of the Club into the site, but it will alas never be complete. The introduction to the book 'Cricket in the Meadow' by Gilbert Quin who was Club Secretary from 1940 - 1949, gives us a clue as to why. in the following extract.

"The Amersham Cricket Club is believed to have been founded in 1856. it may be older; it cannot be more than a year younger for I recall being shown by the late Tom Orton a printed and contemporary account of a match played by the Amersham Club in 1857. I have since reproached myself for failing to make note of the details but at the time, in 1937 or 1938, I could not forsee the cataclysm which, among other dire results, would induce the Club to sacrifice many of its old minute books, score books and other records to the insistent demands of the war-time salvage drive. This sacrifice to Moloch must be remembered against the mood of the time which not only caused Public Authorities to commandeer metal railings from parks and private dwellings but moved housewives to surrender cherished domestic pots and pans. It is a matter for regret but not reproach. The loss of these old documents accounts for the lacunae in the record of the Club's earliest years and for its rather fragmentary character."

It is indeed a shame that we will never be able to fill in the missing history, but if any of you who read this have any documentation that would help to fill the gaps, please contact us.

I am indebted to Richard Gray for forwarding on the following from Roger Cook, which shows that cricket was certainly played at Shardeloes before 1856, but we are uncertain as to whether the Club itself was founded before 1856.

The early seasons of



Amersham Cricket to 1856.


According to Gilbert Quin’s book ‘Cricket in the Meadow’ the club was founded in 1856. ‘It may be older’ Gilbert states, ‘it cannot be more than a year younger’. Gilbert records that the club moved grounds from Shardeloes to Barn Meadow in 1886, returning to Shardeloes in 1905. ‘The History of Amersham’ by Arnold Baines and Elgar Pike add that three years later the club moved back to Barns Meadow, then owned by the Weller Brewery and stayed there until 1929. The club then returned to Shardeloes.  In 1910, a 2nd (Thursday) XI was formed by A.H Haddon the local chemist and captain, to allow shopkeepers and others the chance to play cricket as they were not available for Saturday matches. In ‘Cricket in the Meadow’ the Uxbridge recorder states the first game against Amersham was in 1886. Both clubs played in 1835 on Uxbridge Common. [Windsor and Eton Express].


 Exactly the reason why clubs were officially declared as ‘established’ or ‘founded’ and to whom they were registered or affiliated is not recorded, leading to much speculation by clubs as to their date of origin. However, correspondence in the 1837 Bucks Herald between the Missenden and Risborough clubs indicates that matches were arranged by invitation, made between the team clerks of their ‘Society’. [Bucks Herald]

It is noted, as with Amersham that the team was originally drawn from local inhabitants but within a few seasons as the matches became annual events, the opposition became stronger and from further afield guest players were brought into the teams. This caused some controversy with some of the opposition and in some cases in particular large town teams, the bookmakers could be upset if outsiders were included as can be seen from newspaper reports however, as this aspect of cricket faded the social cricket as we know today has not changed in administration or in the spirit that it is played.


Amersham matches, as with most local clubs were a major event where the team was supported by the local church, publicans, professional businessmen, landowners and gentry. After the match serious dinners and drink were usually arranged by the local publicans.  


With better facilities now available to research local history, the following reports indicate that cricket was played at Shardeloes and Barn Meadow, Amersham at an earlier date than suggested by Gilbert Quin. Buckinghamshire newspapers originate from 1822 and it can be stated therefore that this study only establishes a start date of 1822 for Amersham Cricket, future studies may prove an even earlier date as cricket was played on a regular basis in the local area well before this date. Generally, early cricket in the Chilterns and Buckinghamshire was bypassed by the early cricket historians amongst them Buckley, Haygarth, Lillywhite and Waghorn. 


‘It will be then, I hope, be clear that in setting out upon this attempt to sketch the history of the game, I do not seek, let alone claim the slightest originality in discovery, or even in treatment’. [H.S Altham. A History of Cricket ‘The Cricketer’ 1922]


‘I have come to realise ever more clearly that what I then wrote and have at times revised, remains and must remain little more than a thing of shreds and patches, a patchwork pieced tenuously together from the labours of others’. [H.S Altham. A History of Cricket 1956]


According to the book by Christopher Brookes published in 1978 on English Cricket he records ‘The game and its players through the ages’.

‘The history of cricket falls into five distinct stages’:

  1. The age of the folk game [pre 1660]
  2. The era of the aristocracy and gentry [c.1660-1830]
  3. The end of patronage and the era of the professional elevens [c.1830-1870]
  4. The apogee of amateurism [c.1870-1945]
  5. The business years [post 1945]

The earliest cricket recorded in Buckinghamshire as listed by the ACS and other sources are noted:  


  • A match in October 1730 on Datchet Heath (aka Datchet Common), outside the village of Datchet. This is the first reference to cricket in Buckinghamshire. Datchet is nowadays in Berkshire but was historically part of Buckinghamshire.



  • On 8th September 1740, a team called "Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Hertfordshire" played two matches against the famous London Cricket Club at Uxbridge and the Artillery Ground. London won the first "with great difficulty" but no post-match report was found of the second.

[See H T Waghorn: Cricket Scores 1730 - 1773.]




  • In September 1740, a team called "Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Hertfordshire" played two matches against the famous London Cricket Club at Uxbridge Moor and the Artillery Ground. London won the first "with great difficulty" but no post-match report was found of the second.

[See H T Waghorn: Cricket Scores 1730 – 1773].



  • 10th Aug 1741 at Woburn Park Beds, the Duke of Bedford played for eleven gentlemen of Bedfordshire against eleven gentlemen of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire that included the Earl of Sandwich and Halifax. The match was won by the combined counties XI. 


  • Saturday Aug 1841, a return match was played at Northampton between the same gentlemen. Again the combined counties XI triumphed. 

  • On 17th Aug the Gentlemen of Northants were to play those of Bucks for 20 guineas at the Cow Meadow near Northampton. [Northampton Mercury]



  • June 14th 1742, Gentlemen of Woburn played the Gentlemen of London at the Artillery Ground. The odds were 11-8 on the London side. Woburn won by 54 notches. A rematch was arranged for August 1st.
  • August 1st, the return match between the Gentlemen of Woburn (the Duke of Bedford’s club) and the Gentlemen of London at the Artillery Ground for the sum of 500 guineas. The wickets were to be pitched at 1o’clock on the forfeiture of 100 guineas.




  • Mon July 1743, Gentlemen of Woburn played the Gentlemen of London at the Duke of Bedford’s Park Woburn, Beds for the sum of 500 guineas. The wickets were to be pitched at 1o’clock on the forfeiture of 100 guineas. The match was won by London by 3 notches. A second match was arranged between the same gentlemen.


  • Mon Aug 1743, the return match the Gentlemen of Woburn played the Gentlemen of London the Artillery Ground for the sum of 500 guineas. The wickets were to be pitched at 1o’clock on the forfeiture of 100 guineas. The Duke of Bedford’s club side batted first and scored 104 notches in their first innings. The London side replied with 93 notches. The Duke of Bedford’s club scored 36 notches in their second innings. The London team replied with 48 notches with two men standing. The match was in favour of the gentlemen of London.



  • In 1759, an All-England team that played three matches against the noted Dartford Cricket Club included a player called Gill of Buckinghamshire, who was the team's wicket keeper. The same player almost certainly featured in another All-England team in 1772.

A number of matches involving Buckinghamshire teams are mentioned in newspapers of the late 18th century. Unlike neighbouring Berkshire, Buckinghamshire was never considered first-class. (ACS)



  • July - On Tuesday last a great cricket-match was played at Wesburn (Wooburn) Green, near Beaconsfield, in Bucks between eleven married and the same number of single men of that county for £100, which was won by the former. [WCS] (ACS)


  • June 23rdChalfont St Peter played a cricket match against Penn at Chalfont, probably on Gold Hill Common. The Estate papers of Mr Andrew Baker of Penn incurred to Mrs Gurney, expenses of One Guinea for the match. [Bucks Records office, Aylesbury]



  • July 27th - On July 27 at Wycombe Rye, Bucks, Risborough v. Bucks, for a silver cup value 5 guineas given gratis by the innkeepers of Wycombe: it is the third match between the parties: wickets to be pitched at 10am and the match played out. - OJ July 16. [B1] The dates of the first two matches are not known. (ACS) 

  • August 9th - On Aug. 9, in Lord Le Despencer’s Park at West Wycombe, Risborough v. Maidenhead for a silver cup of £5 value. To meet at 9am and pitch wickets at 10 am. - OJ Aug. 6. [B1] (ACS)


  • Oct 12th - at The Star Long Crendon, Crendon and Milton played Risborough for 20 guineas a side. Wickets pitched at 10 o’clock. [OJ Oct 1st].




  • May 29th - On Monday, May 29, a match of cricket for £50 a side, was played on Old-Field, near Bray, between the Maidenhead Club, assisted by Lumpy Stevens, the finest bowler of his generation and the Roxborough Club, assisted by Briggs, which was won by the former by 151 notches. [WDC] For ‘Roxborough’ read ‘Risborough’ as in ‘Princes Risborough’ [GECV/WIW] The Hampshire Chronicle uses slightly different wording. - HC June 5. [WRL] (ACS)



  • Aug 28th - Tues 28th Aug after two days play, the match of cricket between the Maidenhead club and the County of Bucks with three picked men, was decided in the favour of the former by a majority of 124 notches. [H.T Waghorn]



  • May 18th - On Tuesday last, May 18, was played at Little Marlow, county of Bucks, a match of cricket, between the counties of Berks and Bucks, which was decided in favour of the former by 21 runs in (and) 1 innings. [WDC] (ACS)


  • Wed 9th June Berks played Bucks on Datchet Common.



  • June 6th - On Monday, June 6, a match of cricket for a silver cup and a guinea each man was played on Wycombe Heath, between the parishes of Farnham, Bunham and Upton, against Beaconsfield and High Wycombe, which was won by the former. [WDC] For ‘Bunham’, read ‘Burnham’. The losing team consisted of Beaconsfield, Penn and High Wycombe. [WIW] (ACS)


  • July 4th - On Monday, July 4, was played at Nottis [Notts](Knotty) Green, near Beaconsfield, a match of cricket, between the gentlemen of Bucks and the gentlemen of Herts, which was decided in favour of the former by 16 runs. Bucks: 116 and 57. Total, 173; Herts: 96 and 61. Total, 157. This match is not reported how out. [WDC] Waghorn lists the full scorecard. (ACS)


  • July 11th - On Mon., July 11, on Hotspur Heath near Beaconsfield, Burnham and Wycombe beat Chalfont St. Peter’s and Wooburn by 2 wickets. - RM July 18. [B1] Goulstone uses the spelling ‘Wooburn’. [GECV] (ACS)


  • Tues May 16th Farnham (Bucks) played Warfield on Datchet Common.


  • June - A match of cricket was played last month, on Uxbridge Moor, between Mr. Grainger alias Dottorum Pimento, and Mr. Birmingham, against Mr. Golding and Mr. Cowdery, alias Samuel Sibley, for One Hundred Guineas, when it terminated in favour of the latter, who beat them in one innings. - SM July 1798. [WP] (ACS) 



  • August 14th-15th - On Tuesday, August 14, and following day, was played a grand single match of cricket at Hyde Heath, near Wickham [High Wycombe], Bucks, between three of a side, for 200 guineas. Howard, Esq. (Howard, Esq., West, Talmash) v. Jones, Esq. (Jones, Esq., Lintott, Hunt). Howard Esq.: 49 and 11; Jones, Esq.: 29 and 23. Howard, Esq. won by 8 runs. Betting five to four in favour of Howard, Esq., at starting. [Bri] (ACS)


  • August 31st _ September 1st   On Aug. 31, and following day, was played on Uxbridge Moor. A great match of cricket, for 1,000 guineas, between the gentlemen of the Uxbridge Yeomanry, with 2 picked men, against 9 players of the Uxbridge Division of the hundred of Elthorne, with 2 of the Marylebone Club, which was won by the former, by 6 wickets. [WDC/GUx]

Griffiths states that the winning margin was eight wickets. This concurs with a report in The Times. - TT. Sept. 6.  The Sporting Magazine also gives a margin of eight wickets. - SM September 1798. [WP] (ACS)




  • Thurs/Fri July 4-5th - Rickmansworth played Homerton at Rickmansworth Park. [Stickle – ACS]



Amersham, for this short history are recorded to have played at Hand Meadow, Shardeloes from the early 1830’s (maybe earlier) to the 1850’s.  Early cricket was played on rough, unprepared ground.

In the 1840’s their star batsman were the Rev J.T Drake and later the Rev E.T Drake (Teddy) who went on to play first class cricket.

E.T Drake was later a guest player for several clubs throughout the Home Counties and was described in 1863 as ‘the prince of Buckinghamshire cricketers’ [South Bucks Free Press].    The Rev E.T Drakes first class statistics were:

Full name: Edward Tyrwhitt Drake

Born: May 15, 1832, Bucknell, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Died: June 20, 1904, Amersham, Buckinghamshire (aged 72 years 36       days)

Major teams: Cambridge University

Batting style: Right-hand bat

Bowling style: Right-arm slow lob (underarm)

Batting and fielding averages:

               Mat. Inns NO   Runs   HS   Ave.  100  Ct St

                 55   102    8    1412     88  15.02   0   41 0

 Bowling averages:

               Mat      Runs      Wkts     BBI     Ave      W5    W10

                 55        2007+     197      8/61   13.03    19        8


Career statistics First-class span 1852 - 1871


The Drake’s of Shardeloes were once described as belonging to the untitled aristocracy of England. [Bucks Herald].  During the 1860-70’s they had their own Shardeloes Estate cricket matches played against other local Estates utilising cricketers from the village.


Below, photographs of Shardeloes Estate teams from 1869 and 1870. [Bucks Records and Local Studies]

The photographs are the Estate cricket teams from Shardeloes in 1869-70 that on these occasions were due to play Haresfoot House Estate form Berkhamsted.























































Cricket in Amersham was played at Shardeloes under many names, the Town XI, the Estate, Married against Single, the Tradesmen and Farmers of the town and the Foresters and Oddfellows, United are all recorded well into the 1880’s.

All teams that played as Amersham over the seasons were made up from the majority of the same players . This appears to be a common occurrence with all local teams and not to disimilar to todays matches where experienced players are in demand.




























Above is the much published picture of the Amersham Married v Single men of 1873 where some of the Amersham men that played or scored in that game are familiar names that appear in much earlier games. George Priest, the publican and scorer played for Amersham as early as 1831 against Chesham.


Below a digitised picture thanks to the Amersham Museum.



John Goulstone in his book 'Early Club & Village Cricket' lists a game between Amersham and Penn in 1822 played on Tylers Green, but does not give his source. [ACS] Lord Curzon (1796- 1870) played cricket for Penn into the 1840’s. Penn were regular opponents of Amersham and played at Penn House, Penn Street the seat of Earl Howe. The title of Earl Howe was created in 1821. In 1901 the Fourth Earl Howe became President of the MCC.


Local records indicate that Penn and Chalfont St Peter played cricket in 1769 at Chalfont. [Estate papers of Andrew Baker of Penn, Bucks County Record Office]

Other local clubs recorded as being active and within easy travelling distance by Coach and Horses in 1822 were Rickmansworth (1787), Watford, St Albans (1666), Aylesbury (1821), Wendover (<1755), Risborough (<1744), Weston (Turville)(@1821), Burnham (@1785), Penn (<1769), Chalfont St Peter (<1769),

High Wycombe (<1785?,1822), Wooburn (@1785), Berkhamsted (@1822), Beaconsfield (1785?), Kings Langley, Windsor, Eton and Uxbridge (1789) Chesham (<1823).

23rd June 1828. A letter of response to the editor of the Windsor and Eton Express newspaper with regard to a challenge from Aylesbury Cricket Club to Windsor and Eton Cricket Club. The Windsor and Eton member replied that they would play either High Wycombe or Amersham in a friendly game of cricket. 


Monday 15TH August.  It was announced in the local paper that ’A grand cricket match is to take place on Monday August 16th in ‘The Park’ of W.M Lowndes Estate, Chesham. The match between a party of Amersham gentlemen led by Mr Edward Tallant, a surgeon of Amersham and a like number of gentlemen of Chesham led by local businessmen Thomas Webb, Brush Manufacturer. ‘It is expected there will be some capital play upon the occasion. Amersham having challenged of course, expect to take the lead’. The scores: Amersham 91 and 112 Chesham 17 and 47.


The teams:

Amersham: Mr Edward Tallent, J. Woodbridge, N. Avis, G Priest, H. Cooper, Rev G. Holloway, W. Aldridge,

T. Stronnell, C. Woodbridge, T. Saunders, W. Edge. 


Chesham: Mr Thomas Webb, Saunders, Geary, Spratley, Stevens, G. Sutthrey, Brandon, Rogers, Aris, Fassinidge, J.Sutthrey. [Bucks Herald]

Match: Chesham v Amersham played in ‘The Park’ of W.M Lowndes Estate, Chesham.


Amersham first innings.                                                     Second innings


Mr E. Tallant          b Geary                 16                           lbw                          21

J. Woodbridge      c Fassinidge           26                           c Stevens               1

N. Avis                    b Stevens               5                             c Rogers                 14

G. Priest                 b Stevens               7                             c Stevens               29

H. Cooper              b Geary                 17                           b Geary                 3

Rev. G. Holloway  b Stevens               2                             c Brandon              7

W. Aldridge           b Geary                  8                             c Spratley              4             

W. Stronnell          b Geary                  6                             b Geary                  0             

C. Woodbridge     c Stevens               2                             not out                   20

T. Saunders           b Stevens               0                             b Stevens               1

W. Edge                 c Geary                  0                             b Geary                  10


Byes                                                        2                                                             2

Total                                                       91                                                          112

Note: All players ‘out’


Chesham first innings.                                                        Second innings.


Mr T. Webb           b Tallant                1                              c Woodbridge      0

Saunders               b Woodbridge      7                              c Priest                  2

Geary                     b Woodbridge      0                              b Woodbridge      12

Spratley                 c Woodbridge      0                              b Aries                  2

Stevens                  b Aries                  2                              run out                  0

G. Sutthrey            c Aries                   0                              b Priest                 1

Brandon                 not out                  1                              b Woodbridge      1

Rogers                    c Aries                   1                              b Aries                  0

Aris                         b Woodbridge      0                              not out                   10

Fassinidge              c Tallant                4                              b Priest                 1

J.Sutthrey              b Woodbridge      0                              b Woodbridge      1


Byes                                                        1                                                            1

Total                                                       17                                                         30


The outcome of the match provided more than the average correspondence to the editor of the local papers.


Monday 29th August the return match was played on Hand Meadow, Shardeloes. The scores: Amersham 84 and 37 Chesham 7 and 58.



Aug Amersham played Aylesbury at Hand Meadow, Shardeloes.

Amersham scored 53 and 53. Aylesbury 85 and 22. The Amersham team: Hansall, G.Priest, Rackley, Fenn, Charsley, D.Willoughby, G.Fundell, T.Aldridge, J.Hatch, Broadwater, T.Williams. [Bucks Herald]



Sat 16th Aug Uxbridge played Amersham on Uxbridge Common. Amersham are reported to have won the match. [Windsor and Eton Express]



Mon.14th Aug Amersham played Beaconsfield at Hand Meadow, Shardeloes.


Amersham  first innings.                                                    Second innings


J.Saunders             b Williamson         1                              b Everett                3

R.Sanders              b Hatch                 0                              ct Williamson        0

H.Cooper               b Williamson         0                              b Williamson         6             

O.Priest                  b Williamson         2                              c Fowler                 13

J.Hearn                   b Williamson         5                              b Williamson         15

S.Woodbridge      st Cream                13                           st Cream                4

G.Priest                 st Cream                18                           not out                   7

R.Aldridge             run out                  4                              ct Williamson        5

W.Jones                 c Fowler                9                              b Williamson         2

J.Hatch                   not out                  2                              b Everett                0

G.Jones                  b Hatch                 5                              c Rance                  0


Byes                                                        13                                                           4

Wides                                                     2                                                             0

Total                                                       74                                                          59


Beaconsfield  first innings.                                


W.Child                  c Hearn                  18          

J.Rance                   c Sanders               21          

G.Rance                 c G.Jones               7             

W.Fowler               b Jones                   2             

C.Smith                   not out                   43          

C.Cream                 b Jones                   5             

T.Everett                c Jones                   4             

C.Williamson         b Jones                 52          

R.Hare                    b Jones                   8             

J.Hatch                   c Priest                   3             

T.Weedon             c Sanders               1             


Byes                                                        19                                                          

Total                                                       185                                                        


Mon.21st Aug. Beaconsfield played Amersham at Beaconsfield.


Beaconsfield  first innings.                                 Second innings


T.Everett                b Spratley              6                              b Jones                   8

R.Hare                    b Spratley              10                           b Spratley              0

W.Fowler               lbw                          2                              c Drake                  20

C.Smith                   b Jones                   1                              b Jones                   10

J.Rance                   b Jones                   0                              b Jones                   19

W.Child                  b Jones                   2                              b Jones                   3

J.Hatch                   b Jones                   6                              b Jones                   0

G.Rance                 b Jones                   1                              c Drake                  0

T.Weedon             b Jones                   1                              not out                   0

W.Turketine          b Jones                   6                              b Spratley              0


Byes                                                        6                                                              8

Wides                                                     0                                                              0

Total                                                       59                                                           71




Amersham  first innings.                                                    Second innings


G.Priest                  b Williamson         8                              b Hatch                  0

J.Hearne                                b Hatch                 2                              ct Williamson        0

Spratley                 b Hatch                  0                             lbw                          0             

H.Cooper               b Hatch                 0                              c G. Rance             2

Axten                     b Williamson         2                              run out                   2

J.T Drake                b Williamson         11                           b Hatch                  3

W. Jones                run out                  5                              run out                   3

Pratt                       b Hatch                 0                              b Hatch                  2

T.Aldridge              b Williamson         10                           b Williamson         2

G.Jones                  b Hatch                 3                              run out                   1

J.Saunders             not out                  2                              not out                   1


Byes                                                        6                                                             2

Wides                                                     2                                                             1

Total                                                       51                                                          19


Beaconsfield won by 60 notches.


The large crowd that watched the game included the Right Hon. Sir Gore Ouseley 1st Bt of Hall Barn Park, Lady Harriet Ouseley and the Misses Ouseley, T. Tyrwhitt Drake Esq, Colonel William Drake, the Misses Drake, James Du Pre and C.G Du Pre, of Wilton Park, Major Wood, Rev. John Gould of Beaconsfield.

The cricketers retired to the White Hart Inn for an excellent dinner. [Bucks Herald]


July 14th Risborough played Amersham at Princes Risborough. Risborough scored 84 and 81, Amersham 39 and 22.

The Amersham team:  R.Sadler, R.Spratley, J.Crompton, C.Cardwell, T.Hitchcock, G.Priest, T.Aldridge, W.Jones, D.Pratt, George Jones. 


July 30th Amersham played Risborough at Hand Meadow, Shardeloes.

Amersham scored 26 and 59, Risborough 38 and 47.


The Amersham team: G. Priest, R. Spratley, J. Crompton, Rev. J.T Drake, J. Woodbridge, Hitchcock,

T. Aldridge, C. Cardwell, W. Montague, R. Simmons, W. Jones.


The match was a tie mainly due to the superior bowling of Woodbridge and Jones. Drake, Crompton and Priest scored the majority of runs.

The match was a thriller. The Amersham team had five changes of personnel including the presence of T.T Drake. Risborough required four runs to win with three wickets remaining but lost the match. [Bucks Herald]


July 19th Amersham played Wooburn.

The Amersham team: J.T Drake, W. Woodbridge, R. Spratley, G. Holloway, J. Crompton, W. Montague, G. Priest, W. Jones, D. Pratt, J. Hatch, T. Hitchcock. Amersham scored 56 and 37 Wooburn 29 and 50.

  The return match was played the following Tuesday 6th August [Bucks Herald]


Mon 6th July Amersham played Burnham at Hand Meadow, Shardeloes.


Mon 13th July Amersham played Burnham at Burnham in a return match. Amersham scored 76 and 31. Burnham Scored 46 and 77. See typical cricket report opposite  [W&E Express]



June 30th Match: Burnham v Amersham played at Burnham. [W&E Express]

Burnham Scored 31 and 59 Amersham scored 34 and 34.


The Amersham team: W.Jones, J.Eden, G.Fundell, R.Spratley, C.Cordwell, J.Crompton, W.Montague, G.Priest, J.Spratley, J.Lightfoot, G.Jones. The teams retired to dine at the George Inn.


Match: Amersham played Burnham at Burnham.


Burnham  first innings.                                                       Second innings


J.Howard                b Crompton                           4              lbw                                          4

R.Cutler                  b Crompton                           1              b Crompton                           11

J.Cutler                   b W.Jones                              1              b Crompton                           10

J.Brown                  b W.Jones                              1              run out                                   0

G.Crocker              lbw                                          4              not out                                   10

W.Chilverd            not out                                   4              run out                                   11

R.Winch                 b W.Jones                              0              b W.Jones                              0

J.Hill                        b Crompton                           1              b W.Jones                              1

J.Mosley                 W.Jones                                 0              b W.Jones                              4

J.Winch                  W.Jones                                 1              run out                                   1

J.Hodginson           run out                                   0              b Crompton                           4


Byes                                                                        14                                                           4

Total                                                                       31                                                           59


Amersham  first innings.                                                    Second innings


W.Jones                 b Hodgkinson                        4              b Crocker                              3

J.Eden                     b Howard                               0              b Cutler                                  6

G.Fundell               b Howard                               6              b Cutler                                  3             

R.Spratley              b Cutler                                  2              b Hodgkinson                        0

C.Cordwell             b Howard                               1              b Cutler                                  0

J.Crompton            b Crocker                              4              run out                                   0

W.Montague         b Howard                               4              b Cutler                                  0

G.Priest                  run out                                   4              b Hodgkinson                        5

J.Spratley               b Hodgkinson                        1              b Hodgkinson                        1

J.Lightfoot              not out                                   0              b Winch                                 6

G.Jones                  b Hodgkinson                        4              not out                                   0


Byes                                                                        4                                                              10

Total                                                                       34                                                           34



The return match played at on Tues 24th July 1841 Amersham scored 57 and 100 Burnham 78 and 48. [W&E Express]


Match: Amersham played Burnham at Hand Meadow, Shardeloes, Amersham.


Date: Tues 24th July 1841


Amersham  first innings.                                                      Second innings


G.Priest                  b Howard               1                              b Winch                                 7

R.Spratley              b Cutler                  8                              b Chilverd                              22

Holloway                b Howard               14                           b Chilverd                              37

W.Montague         b Howard               0                              b Chilverd                              6

J.Crompton            c Webster             2                              b Crocker                              2

J.T Drake                b Howard               1                              c Archer                                                3                             

C.Cordwell             not out                   16                           b Winch                                 4

J.Hatch                   b Cutler                  6                              b Brown                                 1

G.Fundell               b Howard               5                              run out                                   2

W.Jones                 b Howard               0                              not out                                   1

J.Lightfoot              b Howard               4                              b Crocker                              11


Byes                                                        4                                                                              4

Total                                                       57                                                                           100




Burnham  first innings.                                                       Second innings


J.Howard                b Crompton           4                              lbw                                          4

R.Cutler                  b Crompton           1                              b Crompton                           10

J.Cutler                   b W.Jones              1                              b Crompton                           10

J.Brown                  b W.Jones              1                              run out                                   0

G.Crocker              lbw                          4                              not out                                   10

W.Chilverd            not out                   4                              run out                                   11

R.Winch                 b W.Jones              0                              b W.Jones                              0

J.Hill                        b Crompton           1                              b W.Jones                              1

J.Mosley                 W.Jones                 0                              b W.Jones                              0

J.Winch                  W.Jones                 1                              run out                                   0

J.Hodginson           run out                   0                              b Crompton                           4


Byes                                                        14                                                                           4

Total                                                       78                                                                           48


Aug 10th Chalfont St Peter played Amersham at Chalfont on Gold Hill Common. Chalfont scored 21 and 73 Amersham 28 and 54 [W&E Express]


Wed. 17th August.  Amersham played Chalfont St Peter at Hands Meadow, Amersham. ‘Amersham scored 28 in the 1st innings and 85 in the 2nd innings against Chalfont’s 26 in the 1st Innings and 24 in the 2nd innings. Amersham won by 63 runs.

The batting of J.T Drake Esq was much admired and the bowling of Jones and Crompton was excellent’. As was the usual form for many seasons after a match the players retired to the ‘Griffin’ hotel and spent the evening in ‘harmony and conviviality’. [Bucks Herald]


Mon 28th Aug Amersham Gentlemen captained by Rev J.T Drake Esq. played Amersham Tradesmen captained by Mr Heath at Shardeloes. The Gentlemen scored 88 and 51. The Tradesmen 89 and 51.








Amersham Tradesmen  


First  innings.                                                                        Second innings


G.Holloway            b Drake                  2                              stumped                                1

Mr Heath               b Drake                  5                              b Elborne               0

G.Fundell               c Rackley               8                              b G. Priest              24

W. Jones                b Elborne               7                              b Elborne               0

Bovingdon             b G. Priest              15                           stumped                                0

Wilson                    not out                   11                           not out                   1

Wingfield               run out                   26                           b Hodkinson          4             

Wm. Fundell         c Priest                   6                              b Elborne               10          

Reddy                     b Elborne               2                              c Stratford             5

Tomlin                    b Elborne               1                              stumped                                2


Byes                                                        6                                                              4

Total                                                       89                                                           51


Amersham Gentlemen  


First  innings.                                                                        Second innings


Rev J.T Drake        b Jones                   1                              c Fundell                4

Mr C Axter            b Jones                   7                              b Holloway            0

Geo. Priest            b Jones                   10                           run out                   3

Stratford                run out                   3                              b Fundell               0

King                        stumped                                0                              b Fundell               0

Pratt                       b Holloway            0                              b Fundell               13

Rackley                  b Holloway            8                              b Fundell               2

G.Priest                  b Jones                   14                           not out                   2

Elborne                  b Jones                   18                           b Holloway            0             

Hodgkinson           not out                   16                           b Holloway            18


Byes                                                        12                                                         9              

Total                                                       89                                                          51




Mon 31st July Penn played Amersham at Penn House, Penn Street.


Mon 14th Aug Amersham played Penn at Hand Meadow Shardeloes in a return match. Amersham scored 63 and 79, Penn 14 and 28. Amersham won the game by 100 notches. [Aylesbury News]




6th Aug. Estate match played at Shardeloes. Farmers scored 96 and 46, Tradesmen 101 and 49-2.










Mon 10th Aug Brothers of the Lodge of Oddfellows from Chesham played Amersham Oddfellows on the ground known as Germains Mead opposite Germains House.

Chesham scored 75 & 64, Amersham 37 & 24.


Mon 24th Aug in a third match Brothers of the Lodge of Oddfellows from Chesham played Amersham Oddfellows at Shardeloes.

Amersham scored 28 and 48, Chesham 47 and 30-4.




Aug 8th Amersham played Penn at Hand Meadow, Shardeloes.

Amersham scored 31 and 67 Penn scored 26 and 68 Amersham won with 5 wickets down. [Bucks Herald]


The Amersham team: J.Crompton, G.Fundell, Henson, D.Willoughby, J.Aldridge, J.Bettsworth, J.Hatch, G.Priest, J.Wilson, J.Hill, T.Williams.


The Penn Team: J.Wooster, R.Axten, G.Ayres, G.Darvell, Lord Curzon, J.Larkin, B.Way, W.Tilbury, E.Hunt, H.Sherrin, W.Axten.

 Both teams retired to Mr G. Priest’s ‘Hare and Hounds’, Weilden Street for dinner. A return match was arranged to be played later on the 22th Aug. [Bucks Herald]


Aug. Mr James Fen XI played Mr John Wooster XI. Played at The Park, Penn House, Penn Street, the home of Earl Howe. The teams were made up of a majority of players from the Amersham club. Mr James Fen XI scored 27 and 56, Mr John Wooster XI 35 and 28. [Bucks Herald]











Tues 14th Aug. Amersham played Aylesbury for the first time at Aylesbury. Amersham scored 53 and 53, Aylesbury 85 and 22-2. There was much controversy after the game, maybe a fixture that was a mismatch at the time. [Bucks Herald]


Aylesbury cricket club in the 1820’s were called the ‘The Invincibles’ due to their long unbeaten run of matches.

A record of Leighton (Buzzard) cricket club arriving in town in 1825 to play Aylesbury demonstrates the importance of cricket to the community and the bookmakers: 
















































Letters that were sent to the editor of the Bucks Herald and Chronicle.










































Mon 28th Aug. Amersham played Shardeloes Estate at Shardeloes.


10th Sept Chorleywood played Amersham at Chorleywood. Rain stopped play after one innings.




Wed 27th July Amersham played Eton Junior club. Eton scored 28 and 45, Amersham 73 and 41.




Aug Detail of the match of Chesham against Amersham played on Chesham Bois Common:

The Amersham team: T.Daniels, Perrin, Spooner, Rackley, Fundell, Arnott, Crompton, Howells, Chapman, Hatch, Wilson.

The Chesham team: Mayo, Sills, T. Webb, Christmas, C. Howard, Munday, J. Webb, G. Webb, Dickinson, Bates, Horwood. The return match played at Amersham. Chesham won both games. [Bucks Herald]




8th July To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Amersham branch of Ancient order of the Foresters Rackley’s XI played Aldridge’s XI. Rackley’s XI scored 28, Aldridge’s XI 19.The teams after the match dined at Mr Priests Hare and Hounds.


Tues 22nd July Amersham played Eton United on a field belonging to Mr Goddard in Amersham called Tunney Mead.

Amersham scored 45 and 58, Eton 62 and 44-3. [Uxbridge Journal]


Tues 12th Aug Eton United played Amersham at The Brocas, Eton. Eton scored 91 and 83, Amersham 54 and 45. [Uxbridge Journal]



Tues 19th Aug Amersham played the Literary Institute.

Amersham scored 81 and 128, Literary Institute 68 and 36.
































































Timeline for Cricket and events in Amersham.



  • 1776 Third stump added
  • 1822 The first recorded Amersham CC match against Penn CC.
    • May 1828 - MCC modified rule 10 allowing the hand to be raised as high as the elbow when bowling.
    • 1835 - A compromise reached by the MCC permitting round arm bowling to the level of the shoulder and must be bowled not thrown or jerked.  Lord Charles Russell (Duke of Bedford’s son) is elected President of the MCC.
    • 1837 First report of Rev John T Drake playing for Amersham.
    • 1889 Laws changed to increase 6 balls from four per over.
    • 1904 Rev E.T Drake died. 55 First Class career matches 1852-1871.
    • 1905 Move back to Hand Meadow Shardeloes.
    • 1908 Move back to Barn Meadow
    • 1910 Amersham CC 2nd XI started as a Thursday XI.
    • 1929 Move to Hand Meadow Shardeloes.
  • 1831 The first full newspaper record of a match against Chesham CC. Mon 15th Aug 1831 played Lowndes Park. The return match on Hand Meadow.
  • 1840 The first recorded use of a "spring" being inserted into the handles. These were initially whalebone (as used in ladies corsets) and some year’s later India rubber.
  • 1844 The emergence of E.T Drake (Teddy) aged 12 years playing for the farmers of the Estate.
  • 1853 Thomas Nixon, a Notts cricketer, introduced the use of cane in handle making.
  • 1859 The first overseas cricket tour to America.
  • 1862 Law changed to allow the bowler full liberty to bowl over arm.
  • 1864 The laws were altered to allow over-arm bowling so there was a further lightening and more refined shaping of the blade. Handles became intricate constructions and were nearly all made of cane with Indian rubber grips.
  • 1870's the shape of today's bat evolves.
  • 1886 Move from Hand Meadow Shardeloes to Barn Meadow.





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Recorded by Roger Cook

Table of Amersham results 1822-1859









Tylers Green.

Penn v Amersham

No Record

XI v XI,        2 Inns


Early Club & Village Cricket' by J.Goulstone

Contributor: ACS



Aug 15 1831


The Park, Lowndes Estate, Chesham Bucks


Chesham v Amersham


Amersham 91 & 112 Chesham 17 & 30

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug 29 1831


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes, Amersham


Amersham v Chesham


Amersham 84 & 37 Chesham 7& 58

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC



Aug  1834


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes, Amersham


Amersham v Aylesbury


Amersham 53 & 53 Aylesbury 85 & 22

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC



Sat Aug 16th 1835


Uxbridge Common


Uxbridge v Amersham


Amersham won match

XI v XI,        2 Inns


Windsor & Eton


Contributor: RC


Mon Aug 14 1837


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes, Amersham


Amersham v Beaconsfield


Amersham 74 & 59 Beaconsfield 185

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Mon Aug 21 1837




Beaconsfield v Amersham


Beaconsfield 59 & 71    Amersham 51 & 19

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC



July 2 1838


Princes Risborough


Risborough v Amersham


Risborough 84 & 81 Amersham 39 & 22

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


July 30 1838


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes, Amersham


Amersham v Risborough


Amersham 26 & 59 Risborough 38 & 47

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC



July 19 1839


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham v Wooburn


Amersham 56 & 37 v Wooburn 29 & 50

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Tue Aug 6th 1839




Wooburn v Amersham


Wooburn 32 & 58 Amersham 44 &    50-5

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Wed 6th July 1840


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham  v Burnham

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Windsor &Eton Express @ Slough Library Records,

Contributor: RC


Mon 13th July 1840




Burnham v Amersham


Amersham 76 & 31 Burnham 46 & 77

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Windsor &Eton Express @ Slough Library Records,

Contributor: RC



Mon June 28 1841




Burnham v Amersham

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Windsor &Eton Express @ Slough Library Records,

Contributor: RC


Mon 5 July  1841


A meadow behind the

George Inn, Burnham


Burnham v Amersham


Burnham 31 & 59 Amersham 34 & 34

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Mon 19 July 1841


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham v Burnham


Amersham 57 & 100 Burnham 78 7 48

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug  1841


Gold Hill Common, Chalfont St Peter,


Chalfont St Peter v Amersham

Chalfont St Peter 21 & 67 Amersham 103

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC





Wed 19 Aug 1841





Hand Meadow, Shardeloes Amersham




Amersham v  Chalfont St Peter




Chalfont St Peter 26 & 73 Amersham 28 & 54



XI v XI,        2 Inns



Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC



Aug 28 1841


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham Gents v Amersham Tradesmen


Amersham Gents 88 & 58 Amersham Tradesmen 89 & 51

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug  1843


Penn House, Penn Street


Penn v Amersham

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Aylesbury News @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Mon Aug 19 1843


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham  v Penn


Amersham 63 & 79 Penn 14 & 28

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Aylesbury News @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Mon Aug 6th 1844


Hand Meadow, Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham Tradesmen  v Farmers


Farmers 96 & 46 Tradesmen 101 &  49-2

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Aylesbury News @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug 12 1848


Hand Meadow Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham  v Penn


Amersham 31 & 67 Penn 26 & 18

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug  1848


Woburn Green


Wooburn v Amersham


Wooburn 32 & 58  Amersham 44 & 50

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug 22 1848


Penn House, Penn Street


Penn v Amersham

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC







Sept 1848






Hand Meadow Shardeloes Amersham






Penn & Amersham v Beaconsfield






Beaconsfield 73 Amersham &Penn 28 & 29






XI v XI,        2 Inns






Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Tues 14 Aug 1849


Hand Meadow Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham v Aylesbury


Amersham 63& 53  Aylesbury 85 & 22

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Mon 28 Aug 1849


Hand Meadow Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham v Shardeloes


Shardeloes 28 & 24 Amersham 80

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Mon 10 Sept 1849


Chorleywood Common

Chorleyw’d v  Amersham



RSP after 1 innings

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug 1854


Chesham Bois Common


Chesham v Amersham


Won by Chesham

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Aug 1854


Hand Meadow Shardeloes Amersham


Amersham v Chesham


Won by Chesham

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC


Tues 22nd July 1856


Tunney Mead, Amersham


Amersham v Eton


Amersham 45 & 58 Eton 62 & 44-3

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC

Tues 12th Aug 1856

The Brocas, Eton

Eton v Amersham


Eton 91 & 83 Amersham 54 & 45

XI v XI,        2 Inns

Bucks Herald @ Bucks County Records, Aylesbury

Contributor: RC