AMERSHAM CC - How to Join

How to Join?

All enquiries about joining the Amersham Cricket Club should be made to the Membership Secretary: Stuart Rogers or logged in via the contact us form.

What to wear

Match gear includes White trousers, Amersham white cricket shirt, white sleeveless sweater and white trainers/boots (with spikes for damp conditions are recommended). The kit can be purchased at Chiltern sports , The Bucks Goat Centre, Layby Farm, Old Risborough Rd, Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury HP22 5XJ;

NO SPIKES ARE ALLOWED IN THE NETS. New colts do not need to purchase white kit until after two weeks when subs should then be paid. White top and tracksuit bottoms/shorts with trainers should be worn in these circumstances.

In the early stages of the season, it is important that children bring warm clothing, as it is cold, particularly in the evening. 


Training equipment

Dynamos & All Stars do not need any cricket equipment and the Club provides balls and bats for them to practice with. And, as they are playing with a ‘softball’, there is no need for them to have any protective equipment. Once the children start to play in matches, parents often will buy a cricket bat for their child.

For hardball cricket, the Colts are expected to wear all the normal protective equipment, including a helmet, pads, abdominal guard and batting gloves. The colt should have the right size bat and personal cricket ball.